Cham Paper Group Italia SpA

Cham Paper Group Italia SpA
Via Roma 67
IT-35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD)
tel: +39 049 94 23 600
fax: +39 049 94 23 700

The Cham Paper Group comprises paper mills in Italy , Norway and Switzerland , with a total of eight paper machines and approx. 260 000 TPA. Rated by the Financial Times as one of "the most respected companies in paper and paper products". Manufacturer of top quality speciality base papers for the Flexible Packaging, Self-Adhesives, Technical /Industrial and Digital Imaging (Inkjet) Industries.

Finish can be clay coated or uncoated; machine glazed or calendered. Flexpack: waxing base (twistwrap, foldwrap etc.), 1 side clay coated, MG laminating Tissue, oil and grease repellent, anti-mould and barrier grades. Self Adhesives: Siliconising base, - Clay Coated (CCK) and Glassine; Facestock - High gloss and thermal. Wet Glue Label: High gloss in reels (for direct printing or metallisation).Tobacco grades: Laminating Tissue, Innerliner metallising base, soft pack labels, bundle wrap (200's) Tobacco pouches. Transfer printing grades.