Consumer benefits

Consumer benefits of wax paper

Wax paper provides a number of benefits for consumers which are linked to its ease of use and its environmental merits.

As the saying goes in our industry, “people prefer paper”. In many cases paper is the consumer’s preferred choice for flexible packaging. It is a lively material, which appeals to consumers. The paper ‘feel’ is quite distinct from other packaging materials and is, therefore, often copied. Its warmth, ability to be folded neatly and disposed of, makes wax paper packaging a very practical product for all consumers, both senior and young.

An IPSOS survey in Europe confirmed that paper packaging has a very powerful appeal for consumers. The study in seven west European countries covered over 6000 shoppers in three age groups — 18-34, 35-54 and 55+ years. The results showed that 90% of shoppers favour paper based packaging. All social and demographic groups expressed a strong preference for paper, particularly among primary shoppers for families.

The main reasons respondents gave for choosing paper over other materials were: • “environmental” 93% , “greater convenience” 87% and “more pleasant to touch” 80%.

Wax paper packaging’s unique attributes give consumers many advantages:

  • wax paper is eco-friendly
  • wax paper does not stick to the sweets
  • wax paper is easy and silent to open and reclose
  • wax paper is pleasant to touch
  • wax paper has controllable tear characteristics
  • wax paper looks attractive (has high marketing impact)
  • wax paper has an outstanding quality image

Wax paper packaging is easy to open

…and easy to close! Paper is fibre-based. Regardless of the paper weight, wax paper retains its unique features. Its outstanding ‘memory’, also called ‘dead fold’, make it very easy for consumers to preserve the wrapped product after the packaging has been opened.

In addition, this “crushability” ensures low volume waste once the wrapped product has been eaten or used.

Consumers are able better to control tearing when opening the packaging. Consequently, wax paper provides the optimum balance between product preservation and practicality, making it an extremely user-friendly way to wrap consumer products.

Wax paper packaging is silent to open and crackle-free

Besides fulfilling its mission to protect and preserve the taste and aroma of various food products, wax paper also appeals to consumers senses such as sight and sound. Paper’s soft, gentle touch is highly valued by consumers worldwide. Wax coating allows consumers better to control the opening of the packaging, while considerably reducing crackling. Whether in a cinema or an opera hall, this is highly appreciated.

Packed product does not stick to wax paper

Wax applied on paper provides a highly cost effective, reliable solution to wrap sticky products. Demanding consumers expect consistent release performance and the wax coating provides an excellent release to sticky sweets.

Wax paper is basically static free. This is not only an advantage at the packaging converting stage, but also much appreciated by consumers. Market analysis clearly shows that consumers do not like to struggle with plastic packaging when trying to dispose of it. This is particularly true for confectionery products.

Totally flexible from “hi-tech” to “traditional” paper look and touch

We are all aware of the increasing role of packaging in a competitive market environment. More than ever, marketing decision makers are reliant on packaging in order to attract consumers. Wax paper is extremely versatile. From the traditional look of an English sliced bread pack, to super glossy and shiny twistwrap, wax paper is the vehicle chosen to convey the right message. It has been a favourite of leading brands for many years. To this day, it remains the most appealing way to combine appearance and product preservation. Packaging designers praise wax paper for its wide variety in shade, opacity and colour. Consumers enjoy its soft touch on all sorts of products, varying in weight and shape.