Compagnie Franco Suisse de Faconnage du Papier SA

Franco Suisse de Faconnage du Papier SAS
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As a converter of flexible packaging materials, CFS produces printed wrappers for direct contact with food products, specially for the confectioney and chocolate industries, but also for the packaging of cheeses or fresh cuts. Rotogravure printing, wax coating and lamination, glue lamination, metallisation, cushion pads production and perforation are among the processes that CFS offers to its customers all over the world. Being well known as a company providing high level of service and quality, CFS has been able to develop a partnership with all the main producers of sweets and chocolates, like Kraft, Nestlé, Cadbury, Wrigley or Ricola. Wax Paper and wax laminates are key areas of CFS activity, with a high level of expertise, representing over 50% of the turnover of the company.