Hänsel Flexible Packaging GmbH

Gitterseerstrasse 29
tel: +49.351.6448610
fax: +49.351.6448699
email: haensel@t-online.de
website: www.cats-haensel.com
website: www.clondalkin-group.com

Hänsel Flexible Packaging is a specialist producer of coated and laminated waxed paper and foils mainly for the confectionery market. Products like twistpapers, foldwraps and laminates are sold mainly to the European countries to a major, well-known and established customer-base. Special patented products like ERUC and SAF are developed "fit for use" to run on high speed machinery. Together with our site in Rotterdam (Cats Flexible Packaging) we are the largest producer of specialist wax packaging in Europe.