Paramelt B.V.

Costerstraat 18
PO Box 86
1700 AB Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands
tel: +31.72.5750600
fax: +31.72.5750699

Paramelt is the leading producer of specialty waxes in Europe and a rapidly growing adhesives company with an annual turnover of about € 110 million and 280 employees.

•  The main market of Paramelt is the paper and board converting industry, supplying waxes, water-based, hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives in a wide variety of applications. Further Paramelt supply heat sealable and barrier coating dispersions to the flexible packaging industry.

•  Paramelt sell their products worldwide, with several sales offices in Europe and Asia and develop and produce at 3 sites in Europe (Netherlands and Belgium) and one in China.