Völpker MontanWachs GmbH

Fabrikstrasse 1
D-39393 Vlpke
tel: +49 (0) 3 94 02/9 62-0
fax: +49 (0) 3 94 02/215
email: mailbox@montanwachs.de
website: www.montanwachs.com

The company
VMW is a medium-sized enterprise situated in Sachsen-Anhalt, between Hannover and Berlin and has been in existence for more than a century. At the present time the firm employs around 100 people, 6 of whom are apprentices. Since April 2004 ownership of the firm has been in the hands of the Oelze and Preuer families. As a result of co-operation with some of the largest German chemical companies, the firm has established a worldwide reputation for its products.

Special waxes / Wax compounds
One of our overriding goals has always been to find the right solution for our customers' specific problems, which is why we initiated the production of technical wax compounds in the year 2003. Alongside WARADUR, the brand name for our montan waxes, we now offer WARAPOUND products, a range that is tailor-made for the very individual requirements that some of our customers have. As a matter of course, we continually refine our standard range and develop new products, but we also have a reserve capacity to produce special one-off compounds to order.