Processing benefits

Why waxed paper offers multiple industry and retail benefits

Strong, trouble-free, waxed paper allows packaging machines to run at maximum speed, producing versatile, attractive, high-gloss packaging that effectively promotes, protects and preserves food products. Waxed paper packaging and wax-based laminates are used to pack sweets, chocolate, bread, cheese, fresh fish and meat, and yeast.

Benefits of waxed paper for packaging converters

No static electricity
Minimal acclimatisation before processing is required. Waxed paper is less influenced than plastic by seasonal influences on packaging production and processing.

Cuts more easily — blunts knives less
Natural paper’s stiffness and compressibility lead to less blunting of cutting knives. The waxed coating also acts as a blade lubricant.

Versatility in printing
All printing technologies can be used, with high definition results (flexo, gravure, offset, using solvent, water-based or UV-curing inks, and even digital printing).

Benefits of waxed paper for food producers and retailers

Efficient at highest machine speeds
Balanced stiffness and slip properties of the waxed coating enable even machine feed with a high tolerance to line speed fluctuations, instant ‘start and stop’, and high speed cutting.

Outstanding gloss
Very high gloss can be achieved by combining the right combination of paper grade and coating wax.

It is possible to produce see-through packaging by using translucent paper with special waxed coatings.

Excellent twist-wrap properties for sweets packaging
High-strength twisting paper offers superior twist retention properties compared to alternative materials, and delivers the highest packaging speeds.

Improved release
Waxed paper is an inimitable release layer for naturally-sticky foods — especially sweets. With the development of new vegetable based waxes the release properties have been improved compared with conventional waxes. In conjunction with paper treatment this release can be enhanced even further. The product life of naturally sticky products can be extended using waxed paper packaging.

Superb deadfold properties
Dead fold is the ability of a material to maintain the desired angle of a fold and not to “spring back” 1).. The deadfold properties of waxed paper can be tailored to the requirements of both product and packaging machine. Folding characteristics can be influenced by the length of fibres in the paper, its moisture content, and the process by which the paper is made.

Controllable barrier properties
Technological advances in paper making and coating offer excellent, adaptable moisture barrier properties, reduced UV light transmission to prevent rancidity, and good seal integrity, while waxed paper packaging also retains ‘easy to open’ and ‘easy to close’ properties. When a product requires a physical protection but needs to ‘breathe’, waxed paper can be an ideal material, e.g. paper based cheese and bread packaging. High moisture content foods can benefit from a ‘breathable’ wrap by avoiding bacterial/mould growth.

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